Airline Pilot Pay: how much earn an airline pilot?

How much does an airline pilot make a year?

The old time is definitely over…

Before going in deep into numbers, it is important to say that the old time is definitely over. An American Airline captain don’t earn more than $300,000 a year anymore. Economical crisis took all the salaries down and especially airline pilot salary. These days a pilot can be fighting to survive in some airlines, some of them even lives in a caravan around their airport base. Of course this is the extreme scenario…

If you are a freshly graduated pilot you will have to find your airline pilot job quickly and it is not always easy since the airline pilot recruitment are fairly rare these days.

Airline pilot salary in Asia and Middle East versus Europe

Most of the time airlines pilots still makes good money around the world but the really good airline pilots salaries can now be found in Asia for which the market is still expending a lot and also in the middle east where the salaries and conditions are very good for the employees and their families. In Europe, the government taxes of each country is taking a high percentage of the revenues like in Belgium where the government taxes more than 50% of the gross salaries or in Germany (42% maximum).

Differences between passenger airlines and cargo airlines

It is also important to say that there is two world in aviation, the passenger airlines and the cargo airlines. The passenger airliners are fighting to give the lowest prices to their customers creating low cost airlines with less and less comfort and services while cargo airlines expends a lot especially these last 10 years with internet. As an example that I like to share, our wife’s gets the opportunity to buy their shoes on the internet which is already a good business for the airline… But most of the time the size is to small when try the shoes so they send it back to get the correct size. The freighter company likes our wife’s because they give them the chance to expends more and more. Therefore these airlines provides good terms and conditions for their employees and pilots.

What does a First Officer earn these days?

A young first officer or co-pilot can make between 1,500 EUR and 4,500 EUR net in Europe during the first 1 to 5 years. In Asia a starting pilot can get up to 56,200HKD basic salary (5,500 EUR net) and Middle East about 40,000 AED (8,000 EUR). In the US, a young first officer is most likely making in between $2,000 and $7,000 USD. Note that all these numbers are basic salaries. Pilots get additional money according flight duty hours and time away from base.

What does an Airline Pilot Captain earn?

A captain can make between 2,800 EUR in a small regional airline and 8,500 EUR net in Europe sometimes more according the seniority. In the USA, between $4,000 and $12,000 USD. In Asia a commander can get up to 125,600 HKD basic salary (12,000 EUR net) and Middle East about 54,000 AED (11,000 EUR). Once again, note that all these numbers are basic salaries…

Want to know more about airline pilot pay in a precise airline?

I invite you to visit the website where you can find a list of the airlines in the world and their respective terms and conditions. I also invite you to have a look onto Emirates airlines website to see what are the cash and non cash conditions out there!

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