10 most viewed Airplane Crash Videos

The 10 most watched airplane crash videos over the last year. (Caution: this post may contain videos that may offend the sensibilities)

Airplane Crash Videos

In this post, the 10 most watched airplane crash videos. Please note that you can find informations about these incident on a very good website called avherald.com

1. Boeing 747 stall after load shift

This Boeing 747 stalled due to a backward load shift during the take off. No survivor.

2. Boeing 767 landing without landing gear

In this video, a Boeing 767 lands without landing gear due to an hydraulic failure. They did a very good job! No injury on board.

3. Skydivers aircraft mid air collision

Collision in flight of two aircrafts recorded by skydivers cameras.

4. Boeing 777 Landing crash in San Francisco

Here is the video of the crash of the Boeing 777 Asiana Airline in San Francisco.

5. MD11 Landing Crash in Tokyo

Fedex hard landing crash in Tokyo. No survivor.

6. Boeing 767 crash landing in the water

The Boeing 767 has been Hijacked in flight and tried to land in the water with no fuel on board. More details on the video.

7. Boeing 737 missing one landing gear

After a pilot mistake (disconnecting the autopilot instead of pressing the go around switch) this Boeing 737 touched the ground and lost a landing gear. Here is the 2nd try:

8. Bird strike on take off (Good work guy’s!)

This is exactly why we train every six months in the simulator! Well done guy’s!

9.F16 Pilots ejects after a bird strike

In this video, we can see the bird that caused this F16 engine to fail. The pilots tried a restart as well as a turn to land but they had to eject. Impressive to ear the pilots talking. Good job!

10. Airbus A320 crash in the forest

Fully automated aircraft you said…

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