Boeing’s airline pilots recruitment outlook for the next 20 years

Airline pilots recruitment: good news for the pilots!

During the 13th air show in Dubai (November 17-20, 2013), Boeing published its forecast regarding the airline pilots recruitment in the Middle East. The figures shows the rapid growth of air transport in this region.

The airlines in the Middle East, Emirates, Etihad Airways or Qatar Airways will need some 40,000 new pilots and 53,100 technicians over the next 20 years! To meet this expectation, 2,000 pilots and more than 2,600 aircraft technicians will be recruited each year!

This demand is due to an increase of the fleets and the opening of new lines. Sherry Carbary, vice president of Boeing Flight Services, provides in a statement that Boeing is working “hard” with airlines , regulators, flight schools and other groups of aviation to prevent a shortage of pilots and aviation technicians on the market.

In other parts of the world , Boeing has also raised its forecast for the next 20 years . Thus, the Asia-Pacific will need 192,300 pilots and 215,300 technicians, Europe 99,700 pilots and 108,200 technicians, North America of 85,700 pilots and 97,900 technicians , Latin America 48 600 pilots and 47,600 technicians, Africa 16,500 pilots and 15,900 technicians and finally Russia 15,200 pilots and 18,000 technicians.


Since many years a lot of pilots meet difficulties to get their first job and this airline pilots recruitment outlook is therefore a very positive news for all the (future) pilots! In my opinion it will still take some time to get there but let’s hope that it will not take too long! Good luck!

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