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cheap flight school

Self sponsored pilot training are getting more and more expensive. Finding a cheap flight school near your living place today is not easy. Most of the integrated pilot training costs over 85.000 euros € (100.000 USD $) and some pilot training can reach over 110.000 euros € (130.000 USD $)! Don’t worry, we made some investigation to provide you with cheap flight schools.

How much candidate pilots will have to pay in 5 years if there is a pilot shortage?! Flight schools are just like any other businesses, Flight schools will continue to increase their prices as long as they can!

We decided to investigate the web to find cheap flight school prices and we were shocked by the lack of transparency from the schools. On some of the flight school websites, you have to register and get in touch with them to know their prices! Why don’t they provide it directly on their site? Is it a marketing strategy? Probably, yes. They got your email address to send you nothing else than their “products”.

Check out the cheapest flight schools we have found:

1. Bartolini Air

One of the cheapest flight training (integrated) we have found is with Baltic Aviation Academy. According to what they say on their website, they provide a cheap pilot training for 40.000 euros + an additional 5000 euros for accomodations and various fees.

Bartolini Air website:

2. Baltic Aviation Academy

A short visit on their website will show that they have a good website to catch everybody with pop up windows, etc. But you will not see any prices unless you register and give them your personal informations. Don’t worry, we got it for you! The price is 65.000 euros and you’ll have to pay extra for your accommodation. We think it is quite a good price compared to other integrated pilot training!

What we don’t like: They provide pay to fly programs for those willing to pay the price!

Baltic Aviation Academy website:

To get the cheapest flying lessons, you will have to register for a modular course which consists of different modules. You go step by step compared to integrated training where you get a full and complete course at the end of which you get your pilot license. If you can do know more on how to become a pilot, visit our “how to become a pilot” page here.

For the US citizen (FAA pilot licenses):

3. Dean International Flight Training

Great opportunity here, to get your instrument, multi engine and commercial pilot license (FAA) you will have to pay less than 35.000 USD $ ! The cheapest flight training found in USA.

Dean International website:

Important: Be aware that you might also get you American license (FAA) (cheapest) and convert them into EASA license. Please contact the flight schools for more informations. Also, note that some American flight schools provide EASA pilot training as well!

That’s it, we hope you enjoy our “cheap flight school” page! Please leave a comment if you have any question. We will be happy to help you!

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