Excel Pilot Logbook

We are constantly trying new electronic logbooks to fit the best Pilots needs and we have to say that it is not always easy to find an electronic logbook matching all our requirements!

With Excel Pilot Logbook, we can clearly say that we finally found something matching our expectations! Ergonomic, customizable, easy to use, user-friendly, cheap. That’s how can describe the Excel Pilot Logbook.

Excel Pilot Logbook

Developed in New Zealand and as it name says, the Logbook is built based on a Microsoft Excel sheet (available on Windows & Mac OS X) which makes it easily customizable to suit all your needs. Other interesting fact is that you will also be able to transfer your data on a different computer without having to make endless exports before installing the logbook on your new computer.

On top of this, you can use the Excel sheet on any portable device (smartphone, tablet) which supports the Excel App by Microsoft (available on iOS and Android), thus making this pilot logbook software a universal application.

Easily keep track of your flight records and view currency at a glance

Whether you are coming from Australia, Europe, New Zealand or America, Excel Pilot Logbook made a logbook for all of us, matching all our CAA requirements. All you need to do is to purchase the right logbook!

What’s included?

The Excel sheet includes three spreadsheets: Logbook – Dashboard – Settings.Excel Pilot Logbook

In the Logbook section you will be able to add flights and to check all your flights records.

  • Log hours in specific columns for Single & Multi Engine Dual, Command, Co-pilot and many more.

The Dashboard will give you a nice overview of your currencies and flight hours. Everything customizable to suit your needs. With the color codes, you attention will be directed to important items immediately.

  • All hour totals are automatically calculated and summarised for each aircraft type, single engine in command, dual, multi, aerobatics – everything!
  • Takeoffs and Landings in the past 90 days are automatically calculated for each aircraft type, along with Flight Hours in the past 7, 30, 90 days.
  • Excel Pilot LogbookLog IFR hours and approaches individually to keep track of your recency at a glance. Remind yourself to stay proficient by setting custom colour alert levels for numbers of recent approaches/hours.
  • Monitor your daily, weekly and monthly flight and duty hour limits with easy-to-read colour coded summaries which alert you of any impending restriction violations.

Manage your Settings and adjust your columns as you want them to be! Edit your currencies (such as Excel Pilot LogbookMedical, Instrument Rating, ICAO English etc.), flight limitations, duty limitations and much more.

  • Easily add multiple new aircraft types, modify column names and flight/duty hour limits along with their colour alert levels. 2 Custom Columns are also customisable to track other hours.

Any feedbacks?

Excel Pilot Logbook offers plenty of customizable features and very handy functions that I use on a daily basis. After numerous searches and wasted time online trying to find something useful, this one is a true winner, and damn cheap as well, Seb.

The most stylish and easy to use computer based logbook that I have ever come across. Excel Pilot Logbook is by far the best out there and considering how cheap it is, well worth it, Andrew.


Compared to its concurrents, Excel Pilot Logbook is extremely cheap when you realize the quality of the work produced by its developers.

You can get your own version today for 29$ only.

Included is free support via a “Support Tickets” system on their website as well as a How-to Guide explaining how to use the logbook and giving you additional tips.

Even if you already have an electronic logbook or a logbook based on self-build Excel sheet, we cannot enough recommend you to use the Excel Pilot Logbook.

100% tested & approved by Professionals!

So… grab your own copy now!

Excel Pilot Logbook

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