How to choose a Flight School and Learn to Fly

How to choose a Flight School and Learn to Fly

If you want to become a pilot and once you know how to become a pilot, one of the first thing you have to do is to choose a flight school. As you might know the pilot training can be extremely expensive. The decision on where you are going to learn to fly is therefore very important! You need a flight school that provide high level pilot training! Here is some good tips to help you in choosing the right flight school for your pilot training:

Your budget vs. pilot training Prices & Costs

Since your budget is limiting your possibilities I decided to place this subject first. You must know what is the budget you may invest in your pilot training. Be aware that some banks could eventually help in financing your pilot training (ask the flight schools to know more about these agreements)! You must have a closer look on your different financial possibilities (Banks, Family, etc.). Once you know the budget you got for your training, you can start looking around for flight schools and their respective prices.

Important: Some of the flight schools doesn’t show all the costs! (eg. Flight tickets to/from USA, medical exam, practical exam, headset, airport access badge, landing fees, etc.)

Integrated vs. Modular pilot training

There is mainly two kind of pilot training, the integrated pilot training. It is kind of a full package to become an airline pilot as from little or no experience. Everything will be organized by the flight school. It is a full time pilot training (15 – 18 months) and it can be very intensive for some of the trainees. The main advantage is that you can focus on learning since everything is organized for you. The disadvantages are the price (more expensive) and working on top of that integrated pilot training is impossible. From my personal experience, the airlines prefer integrated trained pilots since I noticed that they found pilot jobs more easily than modular trained pilots.

Next is the modular pilot training, less expensive, longer (18 months +) and more demanding since you have to organize your modules one after each others. On top of that you will be in charge to book your aircraft, the instructors and also to apply for the exams. If you choose the modular training you really need to be organized! You will therefore lose some time to focus on your pilot training. The advantage of that modular pilot training is that you can be working at the same time. You are at the controls, you manage your time based on your professional and private activities.

[list style=”list3″ color=”blue”]Integrated Pilot Training:

  • More expensive
  • approx. 15-18 months
  • Full time training
  • Very intensive
  • Everything organized for you
  • Preferred by the airlines
  • Imposssible to work at the same time


[list style=”list3″ color=”blue”]Modular Pilot Training:

  • Less expensive
  • 18 months +
  • based on your free time
  • You are in charge of the organization
  • Very demanding regarding organization
  • Possible to work at the same time


Note: Flight schools does not always provides modular and integrated pilot training. Some might only be providing modular pilot training.

Does student get hired in an airline after their flight training?

Here is a very important point you need to consider before choosing your flight school: Does students get pilot jobs after their training in a relatively short period of time? Some airlines recruits pilots trained most of the time in the same flight school like Ryanair which hire a lot of freshly trained pilots from CAE Oxford/Brussels Aviation Academy . Unfortunately, most of the time these flight schools are more expensive but they provide good job assistance. You need to focus on the possibilities you will have at the end of your pilot training to find a pilot job and you don’t want to go where student don’t find jobs!

Flight school management of customers (YOU!)

Some flight schools can look very attractive but once you get in, you become a very simple customer number… You don’t want to get into that! This is the reason why you need to collect information and visit the different flight school before signing in. You need a flight school where you feel comfortable in, which is available, which is willing to help and to take care about your pilot training!

What are the flight instructors experiences?

The more experienced Flight instructor, the better! These last years were not the best talking about pilot jobs opportunities. A lot of freshly trained professional pilots (with 250 hours of flight) became flight instructors. These young flight instructors have enough experience to train someone which want to be a private pilot but not a future airline pilot in my opinion. The basics of flying are extremely important and if you may get an active airline pilot as instructor for your entire practical training this is an incredibly positive advantage!

Aircraft and instructor’s availability

Don’t forget to consider aircraft and instructor’s availability before choosing where you are going to learn to fly. You need a flight school that provide good aircraft and instructor’s availability. If one aircraft become grounded, you need to have another one available for your flight training. You also need extra slots available when you have to cancel your flight due to weather! This is very important since it could affect the duration of your pilot training.

Post training and pilot job search assistance

Some flight schools help their students to find a pilot job, some even provides licenses re-validation after one year (most of the time with the integrated training)!

Some also got agreements with airlines. British Airways recently published future pilot jobs opening with three flight schools, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, CTC Aviation Training and Flight Training Europe.


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IMPORTANT: The actual situation about pilot jobs opportunities is not the best and I recommend everybody to have an alternative job solution!

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