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mentour360MenTour 360 is, the newest aviation concept that has arrived online mid-April 2016. The concept has been developed by Petter, an experienced airline pilot and training Captain on the Boeing 737NG.

The project is using one of the latest technology, Virtual Reality, to share with aviation enthusiasts the view in 360 degrees on how to deal with different non-normals situations inside a Boeing 737NG flight simulator.

MenTour 360 is available on iOS and Android devices and although it is recommended to use a Virtual Reality headset, you can also use it with a regular smartphone by swiping with your fingers where you want to look.

From MenTour Pilot to MenTour 360


Last year we had the chance to interview MenTour Pilot, in our interview A Boeing 737NG Captain Speaking.

Petter, famous from his YouTube videos on his channel MenTour Pilot started to produce podcasts on YouTube by answering questions asked by aviation enthusiasts and wannabe pilots.

Topics discussed are interesting even for experienced pilots as we do get the chance to listen the point of view of an experienced airline and training Captain: How to be a good First Officer?, How to pass an an airline pilot interview?, Life quality as an airline pilot and so on.

A sample of advanced Airline Pilot training

Yes, we, as airline pilots train in almost the same way as MenTour is training with his fellow First Officer, Holly.

In the app and on his YouTube channel, you will be able to access a briefing video, to watch before the actual “sim session” in order to be ready and to know what to expect during the session. The briefing will last a couple of minutes and in reality it will generally last more than an hour.

The App, MenTour 360

mentour360As written before, the app MenTour 360 has been developed for both iOS and Android devices.

The content is well designed and its use is really basic with a quick access to the cockpit videos as well as to the briefing videos.

If you are planning or are about to start a B737 type-rating, the videos might be a good tool to know “what to expect”. But be careful, MenTour 360 does not use any particular SOPs and its content is for entertainment only.

At the stage of release the following topics are available in the app and of course, more a coming:

  • Wind-shear Escape Manoeuvre
  •  CAT 3 ILS Approach and Go-Around
  • TCAS Avoidance and Manoeuvre 
  • Rejected Take-Off and Evacuation


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