Pilot License requirements: The qualifications you need to become a pilot

Pilot license requirements
On this page you will learn what are the pilot license requirements you need to do or have to become a pilot. Pilots are seen from a majority as healthy people with strong knowledge of maths and physics. Is it true? We tell you everything you need to have to get ready for your first flight.

It is more simple than you think it is!

Basically, a pilot license can be seen as a driving license. You need a bit of theory and some practice to fly an aircraft, just like a car! No need to have a degree at university to fly an aircraft, but we will come back to that later in this post…

You just need one thing to fly an aircraft!

The most important thing to have to become a pilot and for which you dont really have control on is your health. You need a…. MEDICAL LICENSE! You certainly think: “I need to be super fit, healthy and 10/10 at the sight test! “. Well the answer is NO. You just need to be fit enough just like you need to be when you drive a car. If you need glasses, you put them on before starting the engine right? It is the same for an airplane. Of course the medical examination of a pilot is a bit more than walking on a white line but glasses or small desaeses might not affect you to fly an airplane.

You also need to be old enough

To get you first license you need to be 17 years old but you can fly way before that as long as you fly with an instructor. You will also be able to fly alone under supervision! The instructor will be responsible of the safety of the flight and act legally as “Pilot In Command”, but that doesn’t mean he will hold the controls for you! You will be at the control for all the phases of flight! Therefore you can start your flight training before 17 yo. but the final examination must be made when you are 17 years old.

Just a little story: Milan, a friend of mine finished High School at 16 yo., he started his airline pilot training right after school and was hired by Ryanair when he was only 18! He became captain Boeing 737 at 21! The youngest B737 First Officer and the youngest Captain in Europe!

You can now have a look to our how to become a pilot page to learn more about the different pilot licences you can get and what you can do with it.

Let’s do a summary of the pilot license requirements. You need:

  1. A medical examination
  2. To be 17 yo. to receive your pilot license

That is all! You know the requirements to become a pilot. Everything you got on top is considered as a bonus and might facilitate your training at some point (such a university degree).

If you need more information about the requirements to be a pilot, please refer to the Aviation administration: https://www.faa.gov  (USA) or https://www.easa.europa.eu (Europe).

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