Pilot life flying for Vietnam Airlines and living in Vietnam

Rishworth Aviation: Pilot life flying for Vietnam Airlines and living in Vietnam, video series

flying for vietnam airlinesRishworth Aviation is the world’s largest aviation recruitment and leasing specialist in Asia with offices in Australasia and Europe, and a network of in market representatives. Watch their two part video series highlighting Pilot life flying for Vietnam Airlines and living in Vietnam. The videos feature interviews from pilots currently flying for Vietnam Airlines, their families, and medical and education providers in Vietnam. They also provide information about upgrade and transition opportunities. In the last 18 months, Rishworth Aviation has supported more than 16 crew members on assignment to complete upgrade opportunities and there will be more to come over the next few years.

Rishworth Aviation has been working with Vietnam Airlines for over 15 years. Vietnam Airlines has over 250 expatriate pilots on assignment making it a great place to live and fly. The people in Vietnam are very welcoming and you will have the opportunity to fly with an outstanding team of pilots from all over the world.

To see more about pilot life in Vietnam, take a look at Rishworth Aviation’s videos and what their pilots have to say about flying for Vietnam Airlines and living in Vietnam:

NEW VIDEO- Part 2 Vietnam Airlines: Pilot Life in Vietnam- Great Opportunities!

Part 2 of the Vietnam Airlines Pilot Life video series features more information about living in Vietnam while flying for the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines. Learn about the transition and upgrade opportunities available at Vietnam Airlines.

Watch Part 1: Pilot Life in Vietnam – Flying for Vietnam Airlines

Part 1 of the Vietnam Airlines Pilot Life video series is a snapshot of life in Vietnam for ex-pat pilots. This video helps inform pilots about life in Vietnam and working for Vietnam Airlines. Hear what the pilots and their families have to say about the people and culture of Vietnam.

Rishworth Aviation, in partnership with Vietnam Airlines, is currently recruiting for the following pilot jobs with screenings available in November 2014 – Apply Now!

•           A320/321 Captains
•           A320/321 TRI
•           A320/321 TRE
•           ATR72-500 Captains
•           ATR72-500 TRI
•           ATR72-500 TRE
•           A330 Captain
•           A330 First Officer
•           A320/321 First Officer
•           B777 Captains

For more information on Rishworth Aviation’s full list of opportunities, please visit their website: www.rishworthaviation.com

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