Documentary: Worst Place To Be A Pilot

Channel 4 (UK) has recently diffused a documentary called “Worst Place To Be A Pilot“, the first season contain 4 episodes featuring the life of bush pilots in Papua (Indonesia) flying for the famous SusiAir.

10593161_644177079022566_5311187100534172889_nFlying the Cessna Grand Caravan or the Pilatus Porter is really challenging in Indonesia as the pilots a confronted to land on small strips with a high slope, on a hill or even on top of a mountain. Add to this the adverse weather conditions (storms, fog) and it makes a really hazardous place to fly.

Hazardous it is but we can see that for those pilots waiting to get an airline pilot job in Europe on a shiny jet, it is certainly the best school where you can gain experience.

In order to promote the show as we hope that they will sign for a second season we made a recap of the 4 episodes of the first season.


Episode 1

Susi Air employs pilots who have as little as 250 hours flying time. Once they have more experience they can then apply for a job with airlines back home.

Episode 2

Sam Quinn becomes involved in a dispute as he attempts delivers much needed supplies to remote Papuan tribes people. After flying home he up with malaria, a disease which could end his flying career. Guy Richardson is treated like royalty at the opening of a remote island runway.

Episode 3

Captain Matt Dearden battles severe turbulence to deliver local tribespeople to their loved ones, before becoming the first Westerner to be invited to one of their homes.

Captain Dave Burns finds himself sandwiched between an approaching storm and an active volcano as he negotiates his way back to base. Without the advanced technology the big jet airliners enjoy, he is forced to navigate his way through the clouds by sight.

New recruit Nick Holmes faces his final test flight. Pass – and he will be flying passengers for real. Fail – and he’ll be heading home.

Captain Dave Burns battles against an approaching storm and an active volcano as he attempts to make his way back to base.

Episode 4 (Final)

Matt Dearden finds the landing strip enveloped in mist in Papua, making it incredibly difficult to pick a route through the valley. Danie Malan finds his skills being put to the test as he attempts to graduate to the trickiest mountain strips in Indonesia.

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