MenTour 360 – Aviation Virtual Reality

MenTour 360 is, the newest aviation concept that has arrived online mid-April 2016. The concept has been developed by Petter, an experienced airline pilot and training Captain on the Boeing 737NG. The project is using one of the latest technology, Virtual Reality, to share with aviation enthusiasts

Excel Pilot Logbook

We are constantly trying new electronic logbooks to fit the best Pilots needs and we have to say that it is not always easy to find an electronic logbook matching all our requirements! With Excel Pilot Logbook, we can clearly say that we finally found something matching our expectations!

Unite against Pay To Fly!

What is Pay To Fly? Over the last few years, the employment situation for low-hours pilots has changed dramatically. While some are talking about a Pilot shortage – which we are still waiting – from a few years, some airlines have also changed their way of employment.